Times Square Hotel Accommodations

Make the smart choice. Your traveling-clan, tour group, students, sports teams, or corporate colleagues will love you for choosing Lord & Moris. The neighborhood, style, and value you’ve found with us places your troop in a NYC hot spot where they can make the best use of their time in New York. And because of the group rate savings layered atop our already well-priced hotel, everyone can do more in the city during their stay.

It’s Easy to Book — Go for It

Lord & Moris makes it simple to book rooms for your group of 10 or more. Our friendly staff is well-versed in reserving the rooms you need across your block of dates and members. Contact us to learn more about our seamless group reservation protocol, affordability, and the good times that await your group when you select Lord & Moris.

305 W 39th Street
New York, NY 10018, USA

CALL +1(212)268-3040

EMAIL info@lordandmoris.com

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